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Documents management and digital imaging

As an affiliate of TACT Group, TACT Conseil's advisors have extensive knowledge of documents management and are recognized for their thorough analysis of processes and workflow of information to ensure that the approach suggested is best suited for their customers within their field of activity.

The team of consultants understands that a digital document management solution is not just an out of the box installation, but it is a process that affects everyone within the organization. Our consultants strive to choose the most adequate tools which can be tailored for a more efficient and collaborative approach, considering time frame and budget. 

Working closely with its sister company SIGEDOC, which offers scanning services for governmental agencies and private enterprises, TACT Conseil has a recognized leadership to design and implement digital imaging solutions from the scanner proposed, to the document scanning process, to the digital document management tools.

The TACT Conseil team believes that the implementation process is not just a report on a desk, it is a combination of steps that must be adjusted, proven, thought out so that the digital imaging solution is characterized by a fast return on investments without any compromise on the efficiency.


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