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IT Services

Security solution

Rapidly changing technologies in security, IT, public people and sites security requires skills constantly renewed both in the business and services providers.

Trade and e-business

TACT Conseil offers electronic business solutions to its customers.

Technology services

TACT Conseil has a vision of business strategies in information technology inseparable from infrastructure and technology services that support the building of information systems.

Development and integration of information systems

TACT Conseil is dedicated to the design, development and integration of information systems based on the needs of its customers.

Scanning Process Management Solution

Sigedoc VIP is an automated scanning process management solution for large-scale digital content.

Web Solutions

Web Solutions

IT Resources


Tact Conseil has its own team of computer programmers, which enables to design and to adapt innovative tools to specific needs for scanning and production.

Project Managers

Projects in IT and Information Management (IM) can vary their level of complexity according to the objectives, goals and available resources to find a solution that will get you...

Document Management Consultants

Our team of document management consultants aims to guide you in the process of implementation, improvement, and development of information systems and business processes related...

IT Consultants

Our IT consultants are recognized for their leadership, dynamism and adaptability to work in environments that are constantly changing.

Document Management Consulting Services

Documents management and digital imaging

Go Paperless the smart way. As an affiliate of TACT Group, TACT Conseil's advisors have extensive knowledge of documents management and are recognized to analyse the process and...

Management consulting

TACT Conseil puts his creative skills and expertise in management of information technology to serve its customers.