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IRISXtract for Documents (Classification)


The Solution Component Capture Plus is a powerful, user-friendly solution platform for productive applications of automatic classification and indexing of documents of any type and from any source. It is a complete professional solution for scanning, recognition, indexing and assignment of documents in digital mailroom and electronic files applications.

Together with IRISPowerScan, the Solution Component Capture Plus supports most of the popular scanners such as Kodak, Fujitsu, IBML, Canon and many more: It is the ideal solution for automatically processing your mail documents and the ideal intelligent capture frontend for electronic file, workflow and business process management (BPM) systems.



The Solution Component Capture Plus is an advanced document classification and indexing solution. It’s your first step into the large world of automated data extraction based on IRISXtractTM for Documents, allowing you to fully automate document-driven business processes of many kinds.

With the help of dedicated solution packages, which are optionally available for many standardized documents and processes (like accounts payable with SAP or other familiar ERP systems, order processing in industry, claims processing in healthcare, etc.) documents classified by the Solution Component Capture Plus can be further processed to the extent that not only index data, but all relevant business data are automatically extracted, validated, matched with master data and eventually booked.

The most productive solution for digital mailroom automation and electronic files, with fully-automatic filing of documents

A professional software that helps you to save money and time and to significantly improve your process and data quality

Complete capture workflow: scanning, classification, index data extraction, quality assurance and validation, export of data

Very intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Shortest time-to-application: Easy to adapt to the application- and customer-specific business requirements, document flows and data structures

Scalable from 10 to several 100,000’s of images per day


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