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IRISXtract for Documents (Accounts Payable)


The Accounts Payable Version 4.0 Solution Package is a future-oriented solution to automatically process all national and international invoices and credit notes. The Solution Package for invoicing fits the media break when handling invoices precisely and extracts all data that is normally required for posting from invoices and credit notes with high readability.



Multi-page invoices are handled without difficulty, especially invoices with tables that go over several pages. Using special read algorithms when detecting tables, the package processes one-line table positions and in many cases also those with a variable number of lines.

In addition to paper invoices, the package can also handle electronic ones. This is possible thanks to the ScanClient used or important components that are part of the package implementing an appropriate interface.

The system is optimized throughput and works in batches for recording efficiency. Using batch splitting combined with refined representation behaviour it is possible to withdraw individual (problematic) documents for a particular period of time without breaking the flow of other documents. This may be necessary if there is need for clarification or, for example, if information from one or another department is expected.

Where the implemented standards and comprehensive configuration options are not adequate, a powerful scripting interface on a data and component level offers unlimited options for customization. 


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