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E-Image Data Scanpro 1100 - Microform Scanner

The new ScanPro 1100 Microform Scanner from e-Image Data is small and compact, and this model can be placed almost anywhere. Patented FOCUS-Lock® technology eliminates the step of focusing, even during film movement and changes in magnification.  This means that the ScanPro is always ready to be used for making look ups and completing research easier, faster, and more efficiently.  One CLICK on-screen buttons complete look ups quickly and efficiently.

The ScanPro 1100 is built for durability in public use applications. This is a low-cost microform scanner for all types of microfilm. 



For public use applications and features an easy to use software

All microform types, positive and negative and thumbnail view

Optical zoom that covers 7X to 54X, electronic zoom 54 to 105X

Scan to print functions, e-mail, file, USB, CD and Cloud storage

On-screen magnifier to view small text and image details up to 800%

Customizable tool bar tabs and button controls are single-click selectable by the occasional user to the advanced researcher



A small and compact All-in-One Touch Screen Ready, Microform Viewer, Scanner, Printer

Clear, crisp newspaper image scanned in less than 1 second

ONE CLICK Buttons: Print, Hard Drive or USB

Output Size: A2, A3, A4, Custom (Portrait/Landscape)

PowerScan™ Software including Touch Screen Capability


Thank you for your interest!

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