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ibml SoftTrac

Ibml’s SoftTrac® Capture Suite enables ImageTrac® users to centralize hardware setup and information tracking, control and export as well as integrate other scanners into their capture environment. With the operational tools provided in SoftTrac Capture Suite, ibml users can more easily standardize their document scanning operations and the information they track.

Through this centralized control of scanning operations, ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite delivers efficiencies and process improvements far greater than those provided by any other scanner software on the market. This makes SoftTrac Capture Suite an ideal choice for high-volume scanning operations. With its inline intelligent document capture capabilities, SoftTrac Capture Suite also stands apart in shared services and mailroom and enterprise scanning environmentsthat use a rules- and actions-based approach to minimize downstream exceptions.

SoftTrac Capture Suite provides these business performance improvements through:

SoftTrac Scan


SoftTrac PostScan

SoftTrac Quality Control

SoftTrac Management Tools

SoftTrac Scan makes it easy to define scanning and capture jobs. ibml users can rapidly create and deploy jobs without the need for sophisticated programming, driving faster ROI.

DocNetics, part of SoftTrac Scan, brings a high level of performance to ImageTrac scanners. Extremely accurate, image-based topographic analysis rapidly identifies and evaluates documents at the point of capture.

SoftTrac PostScan makes it easy for users to get at critical data captured into their scanning operations.

SoftTrac Quality Control, part of SoftTrac PostScan, is a standalone software component that enables users to quickly review documents and images in batches using an adjustable-speed auto-scrolling function. You can flag documents for rescanning and edit or delete document images or metadata from a batch.



Accelerate job setup

Reduce programming requirements

Standardize document scanning operations

Improve visibility into your operations

Achieve faster ROI


SoftTrac Scan offers:

Attractive and intuitive user interface that promotes a positive user experience

Robust job configuration tools, including a job setup wizard

Module-based functionality to segment processes and provide broader solution scalability

Ability to restore jobs to previously saved versions

Centralized management of multiple database configurations

Ability to view and manage batches of scanned documents without interrupting the scanning process

Easy-to-use scan tool that allows operators to quickly create new batches and begin scanning

* Automated detection of documents with dog-eared (folded down) corners


With DocNetics, users can:

Automate document indexing

Eliminate pre- and post-scan sorts

Reduce manual prep time and labor

Improve total scanning throughput

Provide faster access to relevant information


Key features of SoftTrac PostScan include:

Support for installations both on and off the host ImageTrac PC

Streamlined configuration through integration with SoftTrac Scan Job Setup

Standard XML data output connector

Multiple image output capabilities, including single-and multi-page TIFF, JPEG,

PDF and PDF 1A, searchable and compressed files

API to allow third-party developers to build standard data export integrations or connectors



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