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Sigedoc Capture and Barcode Scanner

Instantly scan barcodes using a QR or UPC code and associate information such as photos, forms, surveys, quantities, availability and more.


Take advantage of our collaborative Android app to capture, log and upload data in and out of the office. Co-workers can simultaneously access all features, on and off the grid. All your data and user access will be manageable from one single web platform for you to keep track in real time.


Ask us to customize your solution according to your needs, with the following features:



An Android App

Scan UPC or QR codes and to connect related data such as surveys, forms, inventories, photos, information, price, quantities and more. Connect related data to build a linked database and facilitate research for final users.

  • Create lists per category
  • Filters can be as varied as stores, banners, product families, products, partners…
  • Access and update data both from your mobile device and a centralized web platform


A centralizing web platform

Send all your data to a supportive web platform that organizes and secures your data.

Platform detailed features include:

  • Duplicates management
  • Product status management
  • Scan frequency management
  • Production list management
  • User access management
  • Manual editing
  • Data importation (xls or csv)


A barcode scanning feature

Easily scan all types of barcodes to manage inventory and create product lists.

  • Scan bar codes using QR or UPC code
  • Associate any kind of information such as product sheets, locations, stores...


Digital forms and surveys

Transform all paper forms into digital forms and perform high quality and efficient surveys.

  • Create and update custom digital forms at your desk or on the go
  • Fill and save forms even off the grid


A data-connected photo feature : take photos and associate them to UPC or QR codes to complement and organize your data.

Feature includes:

  • A viewer tool
  • Updating options
  • Photo series
  • Resolution management
  • Intelligent linking to database (to product sheet, survey, barcode…)


A collaborative feature

Connect multiple devices to the same database and work all in real time.

  • Users can work simultaneously (save, consult, update)
  • Work on and off the grid
  • Synchronize data when connected to the internet


Data Reports

Easily analyse your data in spreadsheets thanks to our data extraction feature.

  • Export in csv or xls from the web platform


Signature capture

Authenticate submissions to secure process.

  • Identify issues rapidly
  • Manage data quality
  • Authenticate data


User access control and authentication

Give access to all or part of the database to your collaborators.

  • Get control over information
  • Secure sensible data
  • Manage access from the SAAS web platform



  • Check and update product quantity and availability


  • Check and update information on POS
  • Check and update information on product facing
  • Check and update information on number of products per linear foot

Marketing research

  • Gather information by taking photos or making your staff fill digital forms
  • Get feedback from your market by setting up digital surveys

Product/Store information

  • Get information logged by your sales representatives while on mission

Data storage

  • Create product/store/locations lists and assign them to different staff members
  • File lists by categories
  • Organize production lists
  • View production progress
  • Manage et validate production from the platform

Data Analysis

  • Export the reports your need to analyse your data in csv or xls



  • Work in remote
  • Work off the grid - never worry about Internet access. Your data updates will be stored on your device and then synchronized with the database when you eventually get Internet Access.


  • Work collaboratively in sync or in real time
  • Save and consult data in real time
  • Manage and support staff
  • Control user access

Data analysis

  • Analyse your data in spreadsheets
  • Collect and manage big amounts of data
  • Reduce inventory management


  • Free yourself from paper and physical storage


  • Plug multiple devices at the same time

Intelligent data structure

  • Link all information in one single mega database using the app's interconnected features
  • Connect related data in a linked data structure
  • Consult and research data thanks to organized filters

Create product lists/sheets

Create and update product lists and product datasheets either through the mobile app or through the web platform. Assign lists to members of staff.



Create store or location lists

Update information on stores or locations and assign them to specific members of staff.



Create categories and associate CUP and QC codes

Create categories for better research parameters.



Manage production progress

Keep track of production progress through the web platform and of what your staff is up to. Manage and view production status in real time.



Manage duplicates

Keep your database clean and up to date by identifying duplicates and merging information if needed.



Validate process and control quality

Thanks to our signature capture feature, data is authenticated. Hence you can check production and data quality and be quickly reactive.



Research data

Look up data by using the different filters (location, time, product, store, production status, date…)



Import database from CSV or XLS sheets

The data you already have can be easily imported and exploited with our solution. You will not need to start from scratch.



Manage user access

Allow users to access your data entirely or partially. Lock parts of the database used by specific users to avoid overlapping.



Generate reports in CSV, XLS, XML

Easily extract the data you need in spreadsheets, ready to analyze.



Use multiple Android devices at the same time

All collaborators can upload and access data simultaneously and in real time provided they are equipped with an Android device and the application installed. Manage the access of as many users as you want, restrict access to certain features if necessary.



Manage data through an Android API and SAAS web platform

Our App comes with a web platform secured with a login and password from which you will be able to consult and upload data that will be instantly visible by collaborators using the App, manage user access and export the reports you need for data analysis. Hence, you will not need to install any program on your computer nor buy a costly licence.



Integrate with other systems using our SOAP or our web services

Transfer data in real time to your own servers using our SOAP or web services. Our solution can then be completely integrated to your information system.



Access data through FTP

Your data will be kept on a secured server and therefore you will not have to worry about data storage. You will be able to upload and update data from any device, using our secure web platform, provided you have internet access.



Step 1

  • Complete the request for activation form here

Step 2

  • Download the app on selected devices through a link we will provide you with

Step 3

  • Login to your secure web platform and to the app using the password you will receive by email

Step 4

  • Select feature to use (barcode scanning, form filling, photo, signature capture) and enrich your database by connecting related data.

Step 5

  • Save data and synchronize on the grid
  • Consult the data either on your mobile device or on the web platform
  • Update, correct, upload data on the web platform
  • Export the data in spreadsheets

Try before making your final decision to buy!

Get access to a demo environment for 30 days. You will then be able to test all features and give feedback.



Let our team give you a full interactive presentation and get an overview of our solution's features and functionalities.

Exchange with our team of experts to further expand on how our solution can address your particular needs.



Package includes:

Components :

  • Mobile Capture API
  • Web Management Plateform

Features :

  • Barcode scanning feature
  • Digital forms and surveys feature
  • Data-connected photo feature
  • Signature capture
  • Secure web platform
  • Linked data structure
  • Data extraction
  • Reports
  • User control management
  • Realtime Sync and/or off the grid

  • Open to up to 10 collaborators
  • Up to 10 hours/month support assistance

Package includes:

Components :

  • Mobile Capture API
  • Web Management Plateform

Features :

  • Barcode scanning feature
  • Digital forms and surveys feature
  • Data-connected photo feature
  • Signature capture
  • Secure web platform
  • Linked data structure
  • Data extraction
  • Reports
  • Realtime Sync and/or off the grid

  • Unlimited users
  • Integration with SOAP or webservice
  • Backup server
  • Bridge services with other platforms
  • Unlimited support assistance
  • Progress and strategic meetings
  • Branded design of the app
  • Team training


Thank you for your interest!