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Canon CR-190i Check Scanner

The Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i High-Volume Cheque Transport is the cornerstone for production cheque processing, delivering high performance, reliability, and image quality. With an efficient countertop design, the CR-190i cheque transport is capable of meeting even the toughest challenges. This cheque scanner handles large volumes of cheques improving the efficiency of payment processes and treasury management, resulting in faster access to funds, reduced costs, and increased RO.



Scans up to 190 cheques per minute, maintaining impressive scanning speeds with dynamic sorting, imprinting and other processing features enabled

 One-Line CIS CMOS sensor with three-line parallel data transfer

 Two independent motor drive units capable of handling up to three items simultaneously in the paper-path

 The new M-shaped paper-path design makes it possible for the CR-190i cheque transport to achieve Dynamic Endorsement and Sorting

 A 50-item eject pocket and a 250-item ADF drop-in ability are some of the high volume cheque processing capabilities designed in the CR-190i



Scanning Face: Simplex / Duplex

Scanning Speed Simplex / Duplex: 190 CPM Black and White; 190 CPM Grayscale MICR/OCR; MICR:E13B/CMC-7; OCR: E13B / OCR-A/OCR-B / Cheque Writer / Universal Character

Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi

Paper Size: Width: 2.7 – 4.2 in / Length: 4.7 – 9.6 in.

Document feeder: Approximately 250 sheets




Exchange Roller Kit

Imprinter Ink Absorber



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